Tree Stump Removal or Grinding?

Once the last piece of dirt has been removed in your yard, you will only be left with a stubborn stump to deal with. Many homeowners ask the same question as to what to do next about this nuisance. Is it okay to leave it behind and let it decay on its own, or should you remove it just like the rest of the tree? You probably have heard of stump grinding, but you don’t exactly know how it works. 

If you have the same questions in mind, read on, and we will give you the answers to some of the common tree stump questions. 

Reasons to Eliminate Tree Stumps or Leave them in Your Yard

You may be thinking, what good is it to keep a stump in your yard. The truth is there is no use to leaving it behind, which is why we recommend having it removed right away. Stubborn stumps may seem harmless, but it will cause you troubles you didn’t imagine in the long run. It can be a tripping hazard for your family, takes up precious space on your property, and attracts a multitude of harmful insects. 

Is it safe to leave a tree stump in the yard?

Stumps don’t decay in an instant. In fact, it takes years before it completely rots and be gone of your sight. This means they can be a haven for invasive pests and insects like ants and termites. Without you realizing it, these pests are out to damage your home. Before the situation gets out of hand, you should remove the stump and prevent the problem from taking place. By grinding the stump or completely digging it out is the best solution for those annoying stumps. 

Other Reasons for Removing a Stump

Critters are not the only valid reason why removing a tree stump is a must. You should also consider the following reasons for stump elimination:

  • A rotting stump is not so pleasing on the eyes. It can take away from the overall curb appeal of your property. It can also significantly reduce your property value. 
  • A stump will prevent you from completely mowing your lawn because the roots of the stump can damage your mower if it accidentally hits it.
  • You can’t plant new trees on the spot where the old stump was, so your plan to enhance the look of your landscape is far-fetched until the stump is removed.

Stump Grinding or Removal?

Whether to grind or remove the stump depends on what you intend to do with the place in the future. Stump grinding is the more common way to get rid of the sight of the stump. This is less expensive and less intrusive compared to stump removal. While stump grinding is the more efficient method, it leaves the root system behind and produces a mountain of wood chips and debris. 

Stump removal is the more extensive option, not to mention, costly and laborious. It requires the use of heavy equipment to remove the stump together with its root system completely. The advantage of removing the stump is that it leaves the area clear of any signs of the stump, and it will allow future construction in the area because the root system is removed together with the stump.

Contact a local tree service company in your area for more information and price for tree stump grinding.