Should I Ask for Tree Shaping or Tree Trimming?

Tree maintenance is crucial but is often overlooked by many property owners. What most homeowners don’t realize is that failing to care for their trees can result in hazardous situations. Unmaintained trees don’t only have lousy shape, but can also impact the welfare of the rest of the trees in the landscape. 

It is easy to get confused as to how you should care for your trees, especially if you are not skilled in gardening. You can always go to a certified arborist to assess the situation of your tree, but if you want to learn what the difference of tree shaping from tree trimming is, we are here to help you with that. 

Tree Shaping

Tree shaping is a tree care approach that improves the growth of branches concerning its shape and pattern. It is a fusion of art and science that can significantly enhance the overall welfare of the tree. This approach has been popularly used for many years because of its benefits. 

One of the main reasons homeowners opt for tree shaping is to improve their tree’s appearance. Aside from enhancing the shape of the tree, it also allows light to enter through the branches, which is very important to its health. Professional arborists also use other methods like crown reduction to facilitate air circulation. 

Due to the aesthetic benefits of tree shaping, many homeowners go to this method if they wish to sell their property. Well-shaped trees don’t only look healthy, but they also impact the appearance of the entire property. When you have healthy-looking trees, the value of your property increases significantly; that is why it is crucial to care for them accordingly. 

More than its aesthetic value, tree shaping also helps improve the development of the tree. It lessens the risk of diseases and prevents the tree from causing trouble down the road. Tree shaping also takes care of overgrown branches that can break off and fall on to your property. Tree contractors will get rid of broken and dead branches, so they don’t damage your property or injure your loved ones. This method also prevents limbs from growing to a length where it can entangle power lines and cause a fire. 

Tree shaping comes in different methods which can depend on the tree’s age. Tree experts utilize instant tree shaping for older trees. This method entails bending the tree’s branches to the desired shape. On the other hand, tree experts use gradual shaping for trees in the early stages of their lives. This method takes time but gives you the chance to shape the tree into a more artistic structure.

Other methods used in tree shaping are framing, pruning, and grafting. If your goal is to have a decorative appearance for your tree, you can use the framing technique. Grafting, on the other hand, cuts and joins branches together. They can even use different plants and fuse them in grafting. Finally, pruning is a widely used shaping technique and perhaps the most basic among the three. It ensures your tree is free of unwanted dead branches that can hinder its growth. 

If at this point, you are still unsure of the right option for your tree, it is best to get the opinion of a professional tree expert. They can always answer your questions about the health of your tree, and they can give you advice as to how you can help your tree to thrive in the years to come. 

Tree Trimming 

You also have the option to have your tree trimmed when you notice overgrown branches and limbs in it. Tree trimming is also a practical way to eliminate dead and broken branches. It is also a relatively easy and quick fix to improve the structure of the tree. 

This tree care method involves eliminating dead branches before it can impact the health of the entire tree. Don’t wait too long before you call a professional tree service to get these dead branches removed. Aside from making your tree look unkempt, broken branches can also pose danger if they fall off on your property. 

Trimming is a useful and practical technique to keep the health of your tree in check. It allows better airflow because the branches are appropriately spaced from each other. There is also better sunlight exposure, which is crucial for the tree’s food production. 

Many homeowners try to DIY tree trimming. However, if you don’t have the proper knowledge, not to mention, the tools to do it, we encourage you to leave it to certified arborists. Professionals know the exact technique to use and which branches to cut for a better-looking and healthier tree. You might put your tree at risk of getting over trimmed if you do the task yourself. 

Tree trimming, if done correctly, can do wonders to the health of your trees. But if done wrong, it can cause your tree’s eventual death. This method is best done in their dormant season. However, if you see dead branches, call your local tree service company to get them eliminated right away. It is ideal to trim trees in winter because it is easier to see the tree’s branches without the foliage. Also, you don’t have to bother about pests and insects during this time. 

If you are looking for a way to keep your tree healthy and in good shape, tree trimming is an excellent choice. It goes beyond aesthetic value but prevents health and safety issues that may arise due to dead and broken branches.

Tree trimming and tree shaping are two efficient tools to maintain your tree. Whether your tree needs trimming or shaping depends on your desired results. If you want control over the aesthetics of your tree, tree shaping is the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re going to maintain the overall welfare of your tree, tree trimming will do the trick. Both techniques have their advantages, and they both make your tree healthy and safe. 

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